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such a great idea for an interview!

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If medical treatments and resultant success or failure outcomes couldn be fed into an AI algorithm maybe better health care results would happen. It would be a great physician assistant to physicians. imho

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Here's a recent AI doc article:


This AI Chatbot Has Helped Doctors Treat 3 Million People–And May Be Coming To A Hospital Near You

By Katie Jennings | Forbes

July 17, 2023

The problem with turning to the internet for medical advice is that you can come away thinking that you either have a headache or a brain tumor – but the reality is you probably just have a headache. With K Health, Allon Bloch is creating an antidote to “Dr. Google” that ingests your symptoms and medical history via an AI-powered chatbot, sifts through the data of millions of patients and suggests a medical condition based on how you compare to other people like you. “We're trying to mimic the best doctor in the world,” says Bloch, 53, cofounder and CEO of the seven-year-old New York-based startup.

Training machines to imitate the decision-making process of a doctor, while a significant technical feat, is still a far cry from robots taking over medicine. For now, K Health’s technology is essentially functioning as a digital assistant. “Doctors spend a lot of time collecting information from forms asking basic questions that machines can do,” says Bloch. The average patient answers around 25 questions from K Health’s chatbot in less than five minutes. The bot itself can’t give medical advice, but it gives patients the option of connecting with a human doctor or nurse, who takes over the chat. On the backend, the human clinician sees a summary and suggestions of potential diagnoses, relieving them of the burden of rushing through intake and entering data into the electronic medical record. “It's available 24/7,” says Bloch. “It's not rushing to go home. It's never seen too many patients.”



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"RP: ...Most of the doctors I’ve had, I feel they listen well. I’ve had the same internal medicine doctor since I was 27 years old. We have this amazing history together. But he also seems to be up to date, he reads, and he keeps up with the developments."


I don't need an MD who "listens" well, other than to the degree that good listening can give MD's clues to solving the issue(s) I bring them. Too often, "listening well" is shorthand for being patiently quiet until the patient has finished talking and then moving on with their regular spiel to get them out of the office in the requisite 15 minutes or whatever.

As to keeping up to date, that is something I rarely encounter. I often know more about upcoming technologies being investigated than the MD's I am speaking to. That is sad.

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